Monthly Archives: March 2015

Error handling with Option/Maybe

Have you ever encountered the Option or Maybe type? It’s a pretty common thing in the Javascript world, especially around the Angular community, but it actually comes from the world of functional programming. Option/Maybe provides a way to communicate the possibility of an error occurring. In this talk Scott¬†Wlaschin goes over a model for how to handle error cases in those pipelined operations in a way that is clean, composable, and unobtrusive.

At one point DDD or Domain Driven Design is referenced. See this presentation for more info on that.


Using values in a mutable system

Andy Matuschak explores how to use a value oriented approach to data within a system that is built around mutable state.

For more on the idea of what Andy calls the value layer, and perhaps a different framing I would suggest Gary Bernhardt’s talk Functional Core, Imperative Shell.